Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at the questions we get asked the most below for your answers. If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Q. “Can you tell me about your Setting?”

A. The majority of our parents choose our setting because of the reputation of our staff and the quality of our facilities. Most placements are based on recommendation rather than through advertisement which is a testimony of the levels of satisfaction felt by past and current parents. We usually have a number of pregnant mums who have pre-booked a place for their child.

Our experience has shown that most parents prefer to leave their children in our setting rather than larger pre- school nurseries or after school clubs because of the rich and dedicated educational environment we offer. Children leaving our setting are invariably well prepared for full time nursery. The older children at the setting benefit from the smaller adult child ratios we offer resulting in a better learning experience, support with homework and after school learning.

Q. “Are you Ofsted Registered?”
A. Yes. We are acknowledged by Ofsted to be Good with outstanding areas at our last inspection.
Q. “Do you have qualified staff at your setting?”

A. Yes. Our staff have a minimum of NVQ level 3 in Children’s Care, learning and development.

Q. “Do you have any vacancies in your Setting?”
A. The best approach is to contact us because while we expect to be very busy all year round however availability will change throughout the year.
Q. “Can I visit your Setting?”

A. It is essential that you visit the setting before making any arrangements. You will need to arrange an appointment for the visit. During your visit we will show you around and explain how we will care for your child.

Q. “What are the Fee arrangements?”

A. There is a standard fee of £70 per day. The hourly fee for each before and after school session is £7.00 per hour or £6.50 per hour for both sessions.

We give a 5% discount to both siblings if two children attend.

We accept a variety of childcare vouchers and these effectively reduce the fees further. Fees are expected to be paid at the agreed time of each week or month. Statements will be provided by email at the end of each calendar month.

Q. “What will my child need to bring to the Setting?”

A. Children will need to be provided with nappies, cream and spare clothing just in case. Some children have special comforters which are also welcome at our setting. The Nursery has recently introduced cooked lunches – these are produced at Lorton School and cost £2.50. The Nursery provides milk in the morning and water throughout the day so there is no need for drinks. The Nursery also provides free healthy snacks twice a day for the Butterflies. Children who are not yet using the toilet independently are asked to be provided with nappies, cream and a change of clothing. We ask parents to label all their child’s belongings to help us make sure property is not mislaid.

Q. “Is Free Early Years Entitlement Funding available for 2 year old’s and 3 & 4 year old’s?”

A.Yes. Our setting has eligible provider status for both schemes. Further information is available prior to registration.
Q. “What happens if my child is ill?”

A. Telephone or email the setting if your child is ill. Due to staffing commitments we are unable to refund families for days absent due to sickness. If your child becomes ill during our care we will closely monitor the child and immediately contact parents.

In an emergency we will make a judgement if it is necessary to quickly take a child to the nearest hospital or doctor. It is important that the welfare of all the children in the setting is safeguarded and for this reason a child with a contagious illness should not be brought into the setting.

Q. “What are the arrangements for the dropping off and the collection of children?”

A.Punctuality is important because if children arrive before their agreed you may be required to wait until the appointed time as the adult/child ratios in the scheme may be affected. Children should never be collected late without prior arrangement.

All parents or carers are met at the door by a member of staff. Parents or carers must be recognised in order to gain entry. Occasionally, a child may be collected by another nominated person – in this case a password must be given. Without this password we will not hand over a child. The entrance is monitored by camera.

Still looking for answers?

If you still have questions that need to be answered, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are always happy to help provide information when needed.