Childcare from a Family Perspective

Praise Day Nursery delivers a professional service to meet each individual child and family’s requirements

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There is a considerable amount of information that needs to be acquired, documented and reviewed and we will try to make this process as simple as possible.


We take pride in supporting children in an enabling environment to help them achieve.


 Our fees are tailor for all meals, drinks, including nappies

About Us

Welcome to Praise Day Nursery. At Praise day nursery we have a natural affinity with children, and they are at the center of our job satisfaction. Our love for children is demonstrated in all aspects of our care for our childcare.

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Why not come and visit Praise Day Nursery to see where your children would be attending. A Member of staff would give you a tour around the Nursery and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have before, during or after the tour of Praise Day Nursery. Schedule a tour today.

Our Family.
Our Community

At Praise Day Nursery,  we aim to provide a gentle introduction by initially asking parents and guardians to bring their child for a settling session consisting of no longer than two hour each day over a period of one week (unless of course your child shows signs of wanting to stay longer). This will help your child to familiarise themselves with staff, other children and their surroundings before commencing full time sessions. This settling in period is an importance to us and we know how much a happy start can have an impact on both you and your child.



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Critical Thinking

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“Are you Ofsted Registered?”

Yes. We are acknowledged by Ofsted to be Good with outstanding areas at our last inspection.

“Is Free Early Years Entitlement Funding available for 2-4 year old’s?”

Yes. Our setting has eligible provider status for both schemes. Further information is available prior to registration.

“What happens if my child is ill?”

Telephone or email the setting if your child is ill. Due to staffing commitments we are unable to refund families for days absent due to sickness. If your child becomes ill during our care we will closely monitor the child and immediately contact parents.

In an emergency we will make a judgement if it is necessary to quickly take a child to the nearest hospital or doctor. It is important that the welfare of all the children in the setting is safeguarded and for this reason a child with a contagious illness should not be brought into the setting.

“Do you have any vacancies in your Setting?”

The best approach is to contact us because while we expect to be very busy all year round however availability will change throughout the year.

“Do you have qualified staff at your setting?”

Yes. Our staff have a minimum of NVQ level 3 in Children’s Care, learning and development.


What Our Families are Saying

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for Livi and Jessie over the 2 years. They have both really enjoyed their time spent with you. Thank you for your care of Olivia. She has learnt a lot with you.
I also greatly appreciate your care and attention to her allergies, especially with her food. Thank you to you all.
Please keep in touch. Best Wishes”

– Caroline & Peter


“Thank you for the love and hard work you show and give to Bonnie, we are immensely grateful.  With Best Wishes”

– Ben, Holly & Bonnie 

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for Ralph while he has been with you. We have always been so relaxed knowing that he is safe and happy with you. He could not have been cared for better and we have loved hearing about all the fun things he does with you. Thank you for helping him grow up into the little boy he is now.
Thank you for being a happy part of our lives.
Wishing you all the very best for the future”

– Katie, Ben & Ralph